Anton Rademeyer

Anton Rademeyer, General Manager City Lodge Hotel Newtown, Johannesburg

We love to see our IHS students out there and excelling in the hospitality industry, case in point is Anton Rademeyer an IHS Alumni who is now working as the General Manager of City Lodge Hotel, Newtown Johannesburg. We were honored to have Anton as a guest speaker at our new flagship IHS Pretoria Campus

Lady interview for hospitality jobs

Easy steps to acquiring your dream hospitality job

Sometimes, no matter how much hotel management training you have under your belt, or experience, skills and talents to show off, getting your dream job isn’t always simple. This could be because you don’t know how to sell yourself (and your fabulous talents) in an interview scenario. Here are 5 excellent interview questions which are

Satisfied Customer Service

we aim to please: customer satisfaction is gold

Hospitality impressions start long before the customer actually walks through your doors. In the rise of the digital age customers experience our brand way before they actually make physical contact with our product or service offering. Take a look at the IHST  Accredited Hospitality and Culinary Skills Programmes  on offer, we have also put together


One of our Johannesburg Campus 3rd Year students, Taylor Farrimond, who is completing his Hospitality Management Diploma Programme, has secured himself a positon at The Goring Hotel in London to complete his 6-month Work Integrated Learning. The Goring is the last standing luxury family owned hotel in London has been open for over 100 years,

Top Five Things to do to Delight Guests

In today’s competitive world of hospitality management excellence, creating truly meaningful and bespoke moments for your frequent guests to enjoy can set you apart from your competitors. It can help to retain long-standing guests whilst also attracting new guests. Frequent guests are vital to the success of your business, so never overlook their value or

Culinary Arts vs Hospitality Management – which way should I go?

There’s no denying that the hospitality industry at large is experiencing substantial growth and development in many sectors, and this positive growth trend is set to increase over the next two decades. This makes our industry incredibly valuable for those school leavers who are looking for a lasting career in a holiday world. And with

5 technologies that make perfect sense in the kitchen

Innovation in the kitchen has never been more evident. From sensors and clouds to smart technologies and clever gadgets, kitchens that embrace technological advancements will reap the benefits in the long run. Gartner reports that by 2020, the connected kitchen will contribute approximately 15% towards savings in the food and beverage industry. These technologies help